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doubts + donuts (w/ Titilayo)

What is doubt? Where does it come from? Is it holding us back from going after what we truly want? We dive deep into the concept of doubt and how it affects our mind, body, and soul. Featuring the best donuts from our absolute favorite Texas-based donut shop, Shipleys

Trust + Tacos (w/ Brea Nicole Hammonds)

Trusting yourself is hard, let alone anyone or anything else. This episode explores our concepts of trust and how we use it with different people in all areas of our life. Featuring tacos from Torchy’s Tacos + Teddy’s Red Tacos.

Relationships + Ramen (w/ Seraiah)

Relationships affect our everyday life. They vary with ourselves, friends, family, co-workers, and significant others. We address different types of relationships, our wants, needs, and goals for each one in our lives. Featuring ramen from Ramen Tatsu-Ya

Cookies + Confidence (w/ Dara Emery)

With the spark of the body-positivity movement, confidence is one of the biggest talked-about things in today’s society. This episode is centered around what confidence means, ways to improve it, and how can be based physically or internally. Featuring cookies from Nowherebakery. 

Movies + Muffins (w/ Dana Ijay)

We allllll love movies, and most importantly we love talking about the movies we love. This episode we go down our list of the top 5 favorite movies of all time, and touch on other films that have made an impact in our lives. Featuring muffins from Tiny’s Milk + Cookies.

comebacks + coffee (w/ Dana Ijay)

Part 2 of ‘Movies + Muffins’. We continue our talk about some of the greatest films and how the film industry is making a comeback with hit tv shows + films from the past. Featuring coffee from Black Rock Coffee Bar. Co Host: Dana Ijay.

Vegan Banana Donuts with Coconut Chocolate Glaze
These donuts are moist, flavorful, and impossible to believe it's made entirely without dairy or eggs. Topped off with a smooth coocnut chocolate glaze and coconut flakes. It's so hard to believe these are vegan!
Click here to read the full recipe!

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