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chocolate chip cookie blondies


We’re foodies! The heart and soul of The Kitchen Conversation is FOOD! We post homemade recipes, pantry staples, snacks we’re obsessing over, and kitchen secrets that you’ll love. Our Instagram features recipe videos, small business shoutouts, and everyday foods that you’ll obsess over!

We believe that a table is where everyone can come together, foster amazing connections, and have a great time –all while enjoying GREAT dishes! Whether we’re in person, or at a virtual table, here, everyone is welcome!

Creative community + Small businesses

Let’s tap into your creative side! One of our goals is to foster a strong community of creatives that can lean on one another. If you’re in marketing, content creation , freelance, music, design, the arts, or any other industry a seat at table is available for you! Regardless if you’re starting out or established-we’re here to provide you the best free resources, tips, and tools to kickstart your business, launch your brand, or just get those creative juices flowing. 

We can accomplish so much when we band together & connect creatively!

SMALL BUSINESS SUPPORT! We’re a small business, female founded & led, and POC owned! We know the absolute importance of supporting other small businesses. Every week in our email newsletter (and on our social media), we shoutout amazing small brands, restaurants, bakeries, and companies across the nation! What good is keeping those hidden gems to ourselves? Let’s support each other!

Checkout some of our best recipes through partnering with some amazing brands!

No Churn Monster Cookie Ice Cream

Can you believe that this ice cream only has 4 ingredients and it’s perfectly ready overnight? Not to mention it’s gluten free and filled with cookie chunks! Get your cones out, cause we’re making this phenomenal no churn monster cookie ice cream!

No-Bake Chocolate Almond Butter Bars

These no bake chocolate almond butter bars are high protein & so flavorful! They’re gluten free, vegan, and packed with all of your favorite goodies: chocolate, almond butter, almonds, and chai!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Blondies

These chocolate chip cookie blondies are the chewiest blondies you’ll ever have! Made with vanilla sunflower butter, these blondies completely melt in your mouth.

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