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Coconut Mocha Iced Coffee

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Sip sip sip on this! Let’s get into this coconut mocha iced coffee. Sometimes I use the excuse of “coffee” to get in a chocolate-dessert before 9am. We took a classic mocha latte & added coconut cream and dark chocolate–yes….literal dark chocolate. The flavors in this coffee are rooted in dark chocolate and a sweet coconut cream! Think, “a lighter melted chocolate ice cream” This Coconut Mocha Iced Coffee recipe is so easy and super yummy! Satiate those morning dessert cravings with this! Let’s get into it!

Pair this with:

Zora Chocolate

Zora is the hottest chocolate bar company on the block! They are female-founded & based on the idea of: if chocolate can mean so much to the people who eat it, shouldn’t it empower those who help produce it, too? Inspired by equality, inclusivity, and meaningful connection, ZORA’s purpose is to make chocolate which speaks to your heart and nourishes your soul! Every bar you buy helps to support their Women’s Economic Empowerment Program and fund one day of schooling for a girl in rural Ghana. Not only can you enjoy a good chocolate bar, but you can also support their mission. We’ve partnered with them to create the tastiest Coconut Mocha Iced Coffee using their Dark Chocolate Bar. It’s described as: Rich, herbaceous aromas with hints of honey, raisins and sweet caramel notes, for a long finish, reminiscent of warm fudge baked brownies.

How To Make Frothy Foam:

Heat up your coconut cream (or sub coconut milk) for 20-30 seconds in the microwave. Add in 1 tsp of cocoa powder, and blend on high for 1-2 minutes.

Coconut Mocha Iced Coffee

Key Ingredients:

Coconut Cream: This is the milk-base of the recipe. Sub coconut milk or your favorite milk with 1/4 tsp coconut extract.

Cocoa Powder: Adding this to the coconut cream makes the best mocha milk

Dark Chocolate: This is the sweet taste

Iced Coffee: We used a Starbucks Unsweetened Blonde Roast. You can sub any of your favorite Iced Coffee’s 

Coconut/Chocolate Shreds: These shreds are aesthetically pleasing, and they make for nice added flavor.

Sugarfree Vanilla Syrup (optional): This sweetener adds a light vanilla flavoring to your coffee. 

Let’s get into this Coconut Mocha Iced Coffee!

Coconut Mocha Iced Coffee

We took a classic mocha latte & added coconut cream and dark chocolate–yes….literal dark chocolate. Satiate those morning dessert cravings with this Coconut Mocha Iced Coffee! Let's get into it!
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Prep Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • ½ cup coconut cream
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder
  • cup iced coffee
  • 1 tbsp sugar free vanilla syrup optional
  • bar Zora Dark Chocolate melted
  • ice


  • Warm up the coconut cream for 20-30 seconds. Add in the cocoa powder and blend until the chocolate is mixed in & a frothy texture starts to form.
  • Warm up the dark chocolate for 30-60 seconds until it's completely melted.
  • In a large glass cup, pour the melted chocolate & swirl the cup around (this gets an even coating of chocolate at the bottom of the glass).
  • Pour in the ice and the sugar free vanilla syrup. Add in the iced coffee. Lastly, pour the mocha coconut cream over the coffee.
  • Top the coffee off with coconut & dark chocolate shreds. Mix everything together. Sip & enjoy!
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