Email Marketing? Use These Platforms!

Emails. What’s the big deal right? Just send a newsletter out a few times every week & you’re good? Well, not exactly. Email marketing is where you get to update, inform, and engage with your subscribers. It’s an opportunity to create a loyal community! These are the people that keep coming back to your website for the best information, new recipes, or purchasing your products. Keep your followers, customers, and subscribers updated with information straight to their phone or inbox. Look no further than these 4 platforms we’re listing out for you. So you’re looking into email marketing? Use these platforms!

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our top 4 email marketing platforms for your brand or business

Flodesk Where are all my bloggers at? Flodesk is widely used by bloggers! We can’t count how many blogs and lifestyle brands use Flodesk! Keep it simple. Flo desk offers one membership option: monthly or annually. For $38 a month or $418 a year, you have access to unlimited EVERYTHING. Unsure of making the jump? Test the waters with a 30 day free trial. You don’t need a website, or platform to use flodesk. Simply sign up & start designing.

Mailchimp This is the most popular email marketing platform you’ll see. There are over 13 billion businesses that rely on this service. Get up to 1500 contacts for free! Explore the 4 memberships available for your business needs. Create and build your website off of this platform as well. Mailchimp is widely used, and you can find several plugins and website platforms that it’s easily ready to integrate with!

MailPoet This is probably your best option when you’re first starting out! You can get up to 1000 subscribers…for FREE. Yes! You read that right. If you have less than one thousand subscribers, you have access to the templates, plugins, and the best tools to send your emails. No purchase necessary (and it’s verified by us!). There are 4 types of memberships on this platform: Starter, Creator, Business, Agency. Find the right membership for you based on your needs, goals, or comfortability levels! MailPoet is ready to be integrated to your WordPress platform, and you can easily send or schedule emails as needed. Review engagements, monitor your growth, and work with Woo Commerce to ensure you’re getting the p

Klaviyo SMS & Emails! Two in one. We recommend this platform if you’re selling products or offering services. If you’re a small business, start out for free! Get up to 250 subscribers and up to 150 SMS sends for free! It’s ready for platforms like Shopify, Woo Commerce, Salesforce, and more. Gather real data & use it for the best way to grow and further develop your business. Now…this is definitely a premium subscription service, but it’s worth it. Be able to send SMS texts directly to your subscribers, customers, or following. Name a better way to connect and stay updated…we’ll wait.

Of course there are TONS of more platforms for you to design your emails. However, we wanted to provide you with the best, and most flexible, platforms for your business needs. Whether you’re the head of a blog, looking for if you’re thinking of how to approach email marketing, use these platforms!

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What email marketing platforms do you use? Leave us a comment below! Don’t forget to checkout our Instagram for our latest tips, tools, and trends!

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