5 Women-Owned Food Brands

We’re pretty sure you’re missing some of these AMAZING food products in your pantry or freezer. As you know, here at TKC we love supporting local, minorities, and women-led businesses or brands. Let’s not only talk about it, let’s be about it. It’s time to start shopping women-owned. There aren’t a lot of pages, blog posts, or platforms that support and highlight women-owned businesses in the food and beverage industry, so we’re stepping up to the plate. These 5 women-owned food brands are founded and operated by strong, amazing women who are passionate about their products. They poured everything into their businesses, and work hard to ensure you love their products just as much as them. Get your grocery lists out and get ready to add a few names to it.

What is Women-Owned?

Women-owned is defined as businesses that are at least 51% women owned, operated, and controlled on a daily basis by one or more females.

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women owned food brands

5 Women-Owned Food Brands

  1. GoNanas 🍌
    • HEALTHY BANANA BREAD?! You’ll literally go bananas with this brand.
    • GoNanas is a vegan, gluten free, and top allergen free banana bread company!
    • Founded by friends Annie & Morgan, they wanted to create a healthy and tasty food brand in the baking  space.
    • Their products are so good & filled with so much flavor. They prioritize using simple and wholesome  ingredients that you can actually pronounce. Shop their top 3 mixes: Original Banana Bread, Salted Caramel, & Chocolate Chip!
    • Shop Now on their website
  2. Project Pop 🍿
    • Say hello to your new favorite popcorn brand!
    • Project Pop is a minority & woman-owned business! Founded by Chauniqua Major, she wanted a popcorn brand that she could eat guilt free.
    • It’s organic, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten free. Amazing popcorn isn’t all this brand is offering. Their mission is ‘People Over Profits‘. They support causes like the National Black Food & Justice Alliance.
    • This brand will always give back & ensure their community is inspired and encouraged!
    • Shop Now on their website.
  3. 2Betties 🍩
    • 2Betties is a nutritious and delicious donut snack brand created by Bridget & Nancy! They created wholesome, healthy mini donuts (aka rounds)
    • These rounds are gluten free, dairy free, grain free and contain no refined sugar!
    • Trust us, these donuts are completely worth a try. Want a speicifc flavor? Look no further, 2Betties has flavors like: Chocolate Chip, Maple Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean, Mocha Chip, and more!
    • Let’s dive into healthy snacking with these amazing rounds!
    • Shop Now on their website.
  4. Beckon 🍦
    • Good ice cream that’s lactose free? Sign me up!
    • Beckon was founded by Katy and Gwen. They wanted to create their own delicious brand of ice cream that was lactose free and tasted as good as lactose ice cream!
    • They started selling at the local farmers market in Boston, one thing led to another and now their in multiple grocers across the nation including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Kroger, and Walmart!
    • Their ice cream ranges in multiple flavors like: Sea Salt Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Cup, Vanilla, Mint Chip, Cookies & Sweet Cream & many more!
    • Find them in stores (Whole Foods & Sprouts nationwide) or Shop Now on their website.
  5. Oat Haus
    • Oat Haus is a nut-free spread company founded by Ali Bonad!
    • She wanted a healthy and delicious nut-free spread-so she created her own. Get this: this is the world’s first oat-based spread. Tastes like granola, it’s organic, nut free, gluten free and only contains 3 grams of sugar!
    • Flavors range from their classic original, to cookie dough, strawberry shortcake, vanilla, and much more.
    • Shop Now on their website or find them in Central Market, Whole Foods, Barons, Gelsons, & more!
women owned food brands

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