Key Essentials For Freelancers

HEY Freelancers! This one is for you! Establishing yourself & creating a solid reputation can be hard. If you’re in marketing, finance, digital content creation, art, virtual assistance, or any other space where you’re working for as a freelance, you’ll need to know a few things to help you create a solid background of work! We’ve got your back (and your tummies)! Here’s a list of our key essentials for freelancers. Below you’ll read about finance, community, tools, and job platforms to help you further your career & make you a top competitor in freelance!💥

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These recommendations are tried, trusted, & true!

  1. Lili 💳
    • This is banking designed specifically for FREELANCERS!
    • Create a business checking or savings account with debit cards available. Lili has tools to help you file your taxes, keep track of your invoices, create expense reports, & so much more all in one platform.
    • Relax in knowing there’s a banking option created specifically for your field of work. Welcome to a simple, easy, & effective tool for your finances.
  2. CreativeCircle📑
    • So we’re all about creators thriving in their creativity right? So is Creative Circle!
    • This is a recruiting and consulting company that specializes in marketing, creative staffing, and in house development! They provide job opportunities from Fortune 500 companies to startups. With offices in 35+ cities you can always trust that your next working opportunity could be here. 
    • And a bonus? No agency fees! Wether you’re looking for freelance, contract, or permanent work CreativeCircle is exactly where you can find credible & trustworthy projects without sacrificing your pay. Start your job search now!
  3. UpWork📄
    • This website specializes in connecting freelancers to their next work opportunity.
    • Cut out the middle man, directly submit to projects, set your rate, & customize your portfolio with each job submission! The best part? It’s GLOBAL. You can find work in various companies across the globe.
    • Get paid weekly and work with verified brands! Don’t worry about sketchy jobs or working without guaranteed payments. UpWork has the best contact support & protects you as a freelancer.
  4. Freelancing Females 👯‍♀️
    • Your one stop shop to networking, community, tips, and job postings all in one.
    • Freelancing Females is the world’s largest community for freelance women! 
    • Find out about business grants, marketing tools, business management, and join together with other freelancers.
    • Want to go further? Freelancing Females has a specialized directory, discounts, & resources for freelancers. Memberships start at $18 every 3 months or $59 per year.
  5. WordPress🌐
    • This website hosting platform is your one stop shop to setting up an official website.
    • Create an online portfolio & showcase your amazing skills with ease. Different monthly/annual plans available that fits within your budget.
    • INVEST IN YOURSELF. Take the time to formally put together a website that displays all of your hard work and talents. It’s simple, easy to use, and there are hundreds of templates for you to display and showcase all of your hard work.

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These key essentials for freelancers are just a few ways to get your name out there & establish a credible reputation. Take the time to invest in yourself. We help you get access to information everyone should have FOR FREE. Let’s work together & help you become the best in your field of work.

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