The BEST Planners & Journals For Productivity!

So planners vs journals. What is it? What’s the big hype? Is it really worth it? We explain both, what may fit your needs, and we finish off with the best planners and journals for you from some amazing brands. Ready to take planning for your business, your team, and yourself to the next level? Let’s jump right in!

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journals vs planners

journals vs planners

The big debate is if you need one or both and it all comes down to your workflow. If you’re more goal-oriented, schedule planning, daily routine type of person: get a planner. If you love to jot down quick notes, craft out ideas, and release thoughts: grab a journal! How are you structuring out your brand and your life? It’s no doubt that we all need to keep reminders of meetings, tasks, calls, and events all into one space. However if you need to carry your version of a little black book around, planners are the most effective tools and way to keep track of all your needs. It’s perfect for you if you can’t deal with numerous phone apps, digital calendars, or reminder alerts. On the other hand, journals have slowly evolved from blank lined paper to aesthetically-pleasing notebooks with prompts, daily motivation, and self-care trackers. Gone are the days where you’re ambiguously writing for 100+ pages straight. There are journals available that nudge you to get certain thoughts out, practice daily gratitude, and create a safe space for you to express your feelings.

Now that you have all you need to know about both of these tools, let’s find out which brand has exactly what you need.

Our Recommendations

  1. Papier πŸ“
    • This company works with stationary, planners, & anything you need to get organized! Different templates of their notebooks and journals are available depending on what you need! Also, get personalized! You can customize your journals & add your name, business name, quotes, & much more.
    • Start customizing with this planner!
  2. Book’dπŸ’πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ
    • Have you ever heard of a luxury & lifestyle brand for black women? Well, now you have! This brand screams empowerment. They provide specialized planners that cater to the needs of black women everywhere.
    • Planner templates contain vision board spaces, bucket list worksheets, goal wheels, shopping lists, to-do sheets, affirmation cards, & much more.
    • Say goodbye to boring, dull notebooks & find a planner that reflects everything you are and everything you aspire to be!
  3. STILπŸ“’
    • Take away the idea of a classic journal with this brand! Aesthetically pleasing and goal reaching? I’ll sign up. These journals feature tailored planners according to your needs. Whether you’re planning a wedding, studying for a big exam, or ready to launch your business these planners are all tailored to your needs. Academic planners have weekly assignments & study plans. 18-12-6 month planners to track your progress and everyday needs. Their famous ‘get it done’ planners that help you accomplish your goals, practice gratitude, & get all your ideas out.
    • Still need more from STIL? You can create your own planner. Customizations range from weekly formatting, monthly views, and add ons like meal/exercise/finance planning.
    • Get creative with stickers tailored to social media, general planning, wedding, & freelance!
  4. SILK + SONDERπŸ“”
    • If you’re someone who needs to achieve goals by the day, week, or month, look no further. This brand reimagines what it means to plan. Silk + Sonder is a subscription service that ships out monthly self-care planners to your front door every month. Each planner contains a theme & specific templates for the specific month you’re in!
    • To promote productivity, they also have additional tools for purchase like candles, kid’s wellness journals, and bath bombs!
    • Included in your monthly subscription aren’t just epic planners but also great personalized content, access to a private app, & community!
  5. bloom daily planners🌸
    • We’d say this is the best traditional planner company. Their planners/journals have vibrant colors and different themes. There are covers with life-quotes, motivational sayings, and words to encourage you as soon as you decide to start working!
    • They have everything you need for your business. Whether you have a big team or it’s just you, upgrade your office with all of their accessories like: pens, bookmarks, mouse pads, file folders, & more!
journals vs planners

take your pick

Sooooo…which company really has the best planners & journals for productivity? As it comes down to it, there’s no way to measure what brand to go with. There are different companies that provide the different tools that you need for your brand or specific work ethic. You may end up buying from one brand at the beginning of the year, and another at the end. These companies all have the same goal: to help you plan your way into great success. If you’re writing down notes, crafting a routine, and trying to create a productive lifestyle with amazing results, planning is the way to go. Check out these brands and make the best decision for YOU!

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