5 Tools for Creatives Just Starting Out!

So you’re a creative looking for networking opportunities, business templates, or maybe just verbal advice?! We are giving you the best 5 tools for creatives just starting out! These tools could help jumpstart your business, network, or maybe bring some extra juices to get those creative ideas flowing out! Even if you’re not starting out, these tools are a great refresher or addition to your current workflow.

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5 resources for creatives starting out
  1. Papier 📝
    • This company works with stationary, planners, & anything you need to get organized! Different templates of their notebooks and journals are available depending on what you need! ALSO get personalized! You can customize your journals & add your name, business name, quotes, & much more.
    • Let’s start customizing with this planner!
  1. Create&Cultivate 👯‍♀️
    • A network of amazing women who encourage, inspire, & give you the tools you need to succeed! They offer blog articles, seasonal events, and a creative community of women! Their community memberships are $95 billed every year, and it gives you access to insider information. But no worries! If you’re looking for freebies (which we LOVE), Create&Cultivate founders host a podcast Work Party, filled with tons of guests and tips from working women!  They host seasonal events & have tons of amazing women in their network that have started their own business, running their brands, or thriving in their everyday careers! Are you ready to network?! 
    • Join the network!
  1. Canva🎨
    • This gem pairs individuality with amazing templates. Customize posts, logos, and all content to your liking. Different themes, templates, and ideas readily available for you. Perfect for any social media site, business, or webpage. Canva Pro is their premium plan that unlocks thousands of extra templates, themes, and more tools! It’s $119 annually, or a monthly price of $12.99. Have a small team? These prices include up to 5 members of your team to join in on the Canva fun! 
  1. The Goal Digger Podcast🎙
    • Ready to achieve your goals? Listen in on this FREE podcast that teaches you all about online strategies in sales and marketing. Women are taking over the business industry! Why not have weekly audio tips to add to your playlist! 
    • Start listening now!
  1. The 5 Minute Journal 📔
    • Everyone needs to rest, reset, and repeat. This journal guides you into the perfect routine of  daily affirmations, setting & accomplishing goals, & practicing true gratitude. It’s the perfect tool to help you breakout of those funky moments & boost you into your dreams✨
    • Order this journal now!

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